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This is a letter I sent Sky King (Harold Simpson)  Harold taped it and played it at the campfire in Aspen: I have so many people asking me for a copy I decided to put it here for all that want it. 
October 12,1999
  Good evening. I sure wish I could be here with you tonight. I am in spirit and writing this in the hope it gets read out. Hopefully this letter will
make you feel that I am here. 
   Well it's been two years now since John left us in his tragic accident. I must admit it hit me hard losing my friend like that. John will always have
a part of my heart that no one else can have. I guess it has a small sign there saying Private Property. John Denver owns this space. John taught me so much and he helped me through some very tough times in my life. We did laugh together but we also cried together. I never thought of John as a star. John was just like you and me. So down to earth. He had emotions like any one of us have. He was not stuck up, he did not have a big head. 
  He would stop and talk to anyone & even stop to pick up rubbish. There was a time I saw John change a tire. Yes John did do this. I should know as it was my tire he changed. It was late after one of his shows. I was glad he stopped & helped me not that I could not change it my self, it was just
very late & I was a bit scared. 
  John had a big impact on my children. My son Chris learned so many things from John, he even embarrassed some people aged about 30 years old. You see Chris was about 3 years old, we were at a park for the day, Chris saw the couple throw some trash on the ground , he then walked over picked it up & told them they were naughty & they should put it in the trash. The guy looked at Chris & said go away you little brat, Chris just turned around & said MY Uncle John says that if we all put our trash in the bin we can have a clean world, so please put it in the trash. Boy they turned so red by being told off by a 3-year-old. John was so proud of Chris when he heard
about that. 
  My oldest son was 18 when he heard the news of the crash, Chris called me and said, "Uncle John's plane went down mum" my son was crying his eyes
out. I tried to tell him it was not for sure John was in it. But I knew in my heart that it was John. I had this confirmed by another friend of mine
Kris O. I remember saying to Kris please tell me it was not John. Kris could have easily told me they were not sure at that time. But Kris would
never lie to me. When Kris confirmed it was John I just cried & asked Kris to please take care of himself. And seeing we had been friends for 25 years
  I also said can we please keep in touch. Kris said sure. After 25 years we say we are family. Let me speak of John Denver the man, not John Denver
the singer songwriter.  John was too honest for his own good.  Like the time he admitted smoking pot to the Australian press. Boy did they have a
field day on him. Front page news. John asked me if he had done the wrong thing by telling the truth well that was a catch 22.  John had not done the
wrong thing in my eyes so I told him no. John feared he would lose some fans over his honesty. When John came out to Australia just after the
passing of his dad & his final break up with Annie he sang Annie's Song & it really broke him up. After the show he said to me do you think any one
noticed what happened & would they turn away from him. Well I was honest saying there was no way anyone could have missed how he sang Annie's song. And that just showed people that he was no different to all of us. He had ,had some rough times like we all do. John could have stopped singing Annie's song but he knew that people loved the song very much so he kept singing it, of course the emotion was going to come out as he sang.  After all he never stopped loving Annie. 
      Now before Harold closes this letter to you all. I have one more thing I
want to share with you. In 1986 I had moved from Sydney to Melbourne. John went to Perth from Sydney. I called him on the phone & the first thing he did was say, Where were you? You see I was not at the airport to see him in. John was upset with me at first until I told him I had moved states. He then gave me his flight details so I could be at the airport in Melbourne when he came in.  I then told John I was glad he was not on the space
shuttle that had blew up. John said he wishes he had been on it. Well that started an argument between us, it went on for 2 & * hours. Mind you I was on a pay phone. John wanted to know why I was glad & I told him I loved him very much, & so did the kids & that we would miss him. He said to me that he loved us all very much too. He then said the kids & I were the only people that would miss him. I said no way you have plenty out there that love you & that would miss you. He said he was only a singer/ songwriter & people would forget him in no time at all. Well after arguing about this & some yelling on both parts I just lost it & told John to pull his head out.
In the end I think he was starting to believe me, but he said one day Lynn you will see I am right & you are wrong.We made a bet.
 Well John I guess you can see now I won the bet. 

To me John was & Still is my best friend. I still do not know to this day why he picked me for a friend but I sure am glad he did. John opened my heart to allow me to find so many
wonderful friends I thank you for that John 

Love & Miss you my Friend Lynn & Kids. 

I would like to add that that is not a bet I wanted to ever win. It's not a good way to win :-(. In fact it is the WORSE bet I have ever won in my life.