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Ladies And Gentleman
 John Denver

The Below Photo
my husband Colin Mirrored
for me a few years ago.I think it is a cool effect.
Thanks Col.

I'm Goin Ski'in


John and His Dad Henry (Dutch)


My Sister Rebecca with John 1997.
The sudden death of my best friend was the most tragic time in my life.
John taught me from the tender age of 16 what life was really about. I had no self confidence  what so ever. He built my confidence up over the years. He chose me out of a crowd to be his friend. He taught me how to forgive people & take people for them selves. I never understood why he picked me for a friend of his, but I was so glad that he did. We had many good times during our 25 year friendship. We also had some what some people could call bad times. We did not see eye to eye on all things. Like the time just after the space shuttle tragedy. I told him by phone that I was so glad he was not on that flight. He asked me why & I said because I love you & would have really missed him. He said to me that he loved me too and that no one else would miss him. I said yes they would John and he said to me that people would forget him very quickly and that it would be no great loss if he had died.
    He said he was just a singer that did not really mean much to anyone. We argued over the phone for a few hours on this subject. He said to me at the end of that call that we would see one day who was right & who was wrong.
    John watched me grow from a 16 year old girl to a wife & mother of 6 kids. He thought I was trying to populate the world on my own. John knew the background of my life & really knew that I was just trying to bring love into my life. My kids grew from babies loving John as an uncle. The kids adored John & John adored the kids.
        You see, John was to me not a singer songwriter, but my friend & confidant. Yes I know he was a singer but that was just a bonus in the way I knew him. He was the most sincere  & loving person I have ever known. Yes John had his faults, which he openly told the world about. Sometimes he could not understand the judgement that was placed upon him for doing so. But it just showed the world that he was in fact human. I have lost my best friend for the time being but one day I will see him again I know that. I still can not understand to this day why he had to go. But there must have been a reason.
     All I can say is John , I loved you since I was 16 & my love for you will never end. Just like our friendship.
Lynn Magann

 Peace to you all.