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The Story below about Ermas Pregnancy, is NOT Fact, just a little of my imagination.As a mother my self. :-)

December 31,1943
The day an Angel was born.


I guess it all started around May 1943. A young couple named Erma & Henry Deutschendorf ( I will call Henry, Dutch from this line on.) Well Erma went to the doctor as she was feeling a bit sick for a few days, but only in the mornings. Of Course the doctor checked her out to make sure she did not have the flu or any thing else. The doctor poked & prodded. And looked at Erma & said well Erma you are in Peak health. The condition you have will take 9 months for you to get over, do not worry you will put on a few pounds but that to will go. Well Erma knew exactly what her doctor was talking about and was so happy that her & Dutch were going to have a baby. Well the months past the first few went fast , but the last months just dragged on. The doctor was right Erma was getting big. But she did not care as she was carrying her little child a gift from God.
      Well on December 31 Erma woke with some sharp pains & nudged Dutch saying honey the baby is coming I think we better go to the hospital. Erma & Dutch arrived at the Airforce base hospital. Of course they all knew why they were there at that hour of the morning. Now in those days Erma was whisked to a room & poor Dutch had to pace the hospital floors waiting for the birth of their first child. 
     Erma was in so much pain every few minutes the pain would get worse. Erma said to the doctor I can not take this. He told her sure you can you are doing fine dear. Erma looked at the doctor & said I AM NOT HAVING THIS BABY I AM GOING HOME. Well the doctor knew the baby was just about to enter the world as all women say the same thing about going home. The doctor saw the crown of the baby’s head & told Erma now when I say push you push with all your might so we can bring this little one out to meet you. Well after about five minutes, the baby was out & the doctor smacked his behind to help clear his lungs. He did a great job too.
    Erma saw their little baby boy and asked for Dutch, when Dutch came in he smiled ear to ear. Erma & Dutch looked at each other and said he is a little Angel. They named him Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. Hence on December 31, 1943 an Angel was born.

 That little boy  grew up  as any child will do. But he had a yearning to sing & Play a guitar.
He followed his yearning but he did not just sing, he gave us all a special gift that many can not give. He showed us how to Laugh & Cry, he showed us how to Live & how to make changes in our world to make it a better place to live. You see Erma & Dutch were not the only ones that was sent a gift from god. We were too. I know he was a special gift. I for one will never ever forget him. I know the ones reading this now will never forget him. It is up to us to carry on the things John started. He is now up in heaven looking down upon us and smiling at us most of the time. Today is John’s birthday Dec. 31st. I know John would have loved to be here for the turn of the century, I wish he were. Well I guess that’s about all Except for the following.

Erma & Dutch ( I Know Dutch is up in heaven too but I still have to thank him )I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having John. You did a great job bringing him up. I love you for this because with out you both John would not have been a part of my life & so many others lives.

John is still an Angel looking over us all.

Happy Birthday my FRIEND We Love & Miss you
Love Lynn & Kids.

Wriiten by Lynn Magann background Photo belongs To Tela Thank you Sis For sending it to me.12/31/99