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    Have You Seen Daniel?
    Queensland Australia
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    DeGeneres to Star in 'Oh, God!' Remake
    Associated Press
    LOS ANGELES - Comedian Ellen DeGeneres is getting a promotion - to supreme being. DeGeneres will star as God in a remake of the 1977 comedy "Oh, God!"
    The original starred George Burns as the creator and John Denver as a supermarket manager tapped as a new prophet.
    "Ellen is a strong comedian and she has always done material about God and questions about God," said Jerry Weintraub, who produced the original movie and also will oversee the remake.
    Weintraub said he'll hire a screenwriter and director with the aim to shoot the movie during a break in DeGeneres' schedule from her talk show next summer.
    Though successful on the small screen, DeGeneres misfired in an earlier transition to film with the romantic-comedy flop "Mr. Wrong." She helped score a hit with her voice work on last year's animated tale "Finding Nemo."
    Please sign the "Oh God" Petition to stop this

    In Loving Memory


    John Denver


    To My Friend
     Where have you gone, John?
    Will I never see you again?
    Why is my heart breaking so?
    Why did you have to go?
    You left so suddenly.
    You left without a word.
    You left a big empty space in my heart.
    But yet you still fill it with words.
    You always told me not to cry.
    You said we'd never say Goodbye.
    You did so much for mankind,
    Yet there is still so much to do.
    Can we really pull it off for you?
    Why did my friend have to die?
    Why didn't we get a chance to say Goodbye?
    You flew like an eagle--
         You climbed your beloved Rockies--
     You sailed the ocean blue.
    You gave your heart to everyone you knew.
    I guess if I had been given the chance to say Goodbye,
    I wouldn't have said it.
    I would have said "See ya later, my Friend,"
    'Cause we said we would say that until the end.
    We both know death is not the end.
    Some say death is where it all begins.
    Why do I feel so sad, John?
    I see you every now and then.
    You tell me it's ok that your time came to an end.
    I know I will have to wait to see you again.

    I just want to say "Thanks" for being such a
    good Friend.

    By Lynn Magann
    Copyright 15-6-98
    All Rights Reserved


    The Boy From   The Country


     John Denver was born December 31st 1943 to Henry(Dutch) & Erma Deutschendorf.He was the oldest of two children, both boys.I would just like to thank Erma for John.If it were not for her and Dutch we would not have had to opportunity to know John.Or have him in the world with us as long as we did.
         John's mum is a really great person. So was his dad. After been given the privilege to meet these wonderful people I found out where John got his loving  and gentle nature.When I did meet them when they came to Australia with John,I was treated as one of the family.Dutch stuck up for me after I was being bullied at a concert.I was not doing anything wrong just something John had given me permission to do.After Dutch set this person straight I was fine.
      And Erma, well I spent a long time talking with her about John.Then Erma came back to Australia with John when he brought young Jesse Belle with him. It was very clear Jesse & Erma love each other very much.
        It was the first time I got to meet Jesse. She is the same age as my son Johnny. She was & still is so cute.Have you all heard her sing? For those who have not I will put a link in so you can.It was on the page An Earth Day Tribute To John Denver.Please let the wav load fully then replay it for best results.    Jesse Singing

        The Photos I am putting on these pages please do not copy with out perrmission. Below is a photo of John and his mum Erma.


    ©1983-2005 by L.Magann

    FAROUTTT!!!! The above photo I took in Sydney Australia. It ended up in John's collection as I always gave John any of the  photos I took. Guess what I was blown away to see it in the "Poems Prayers and Promises" book by  Cherry Lane Music & Milt Okun. It is a honor to have it in the book.

               This is John in 1975 the first time he came to Australia. I met John on this trip for the first time.We became friends on this visit and remained so, even to this day.The girl in the photo is not me.Her name was Annie & she had a friend named Helen. I left Annie in this photo as I lost track of her years ago, and I am hoping that she will see this and get in touch with me. I was only 16 years old and I think Annie was about the same age

    Kris did not only work with John he was John's best friend. More like brothers I would say. Kris is like a brother to me. He is a great guy. He too has watched me grow up. Kris can be funny, serious, but most of all he  is a great friend. Please click on his photo to check out his webpage. He lives a very busy life.

    Kris I love you bro.

          Ok Lets see if some of you out there can put names to some of these faces.Ok.
    Please send me an email or put it in my guest book.OK. All have something to do with John.

      These  Guy's were from the 70's.
             Do you know who they are?
         I do just wondering if you do.LOL










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