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John loved Australia, and came here a number of times for Concerts. John did a TV special in 1977 with Robbie Benson , Debbie Boone, and Susan St.James at Ayers Rock , which is in the Northern Territory here in Australia. John loved the outback here. Here are some of the dates John did concerts here.
Australian Tours
October 1975
December 1977
April 1983
April 1986
June 1988
June 1992
October 1994

John came out to Australia for many different reasons. He came out for our Bicentenary in 1988 and sang for the first time in public his song "FOR YOU". He came to Australia to spend Christmas with his Aussie in-laws. And  he appeared on the Ray Martin show many
times. He also Flew from Alaska for Kevin Jacbosons THIS IS YOUR LIFE.Which Sadly was only a few weeks before his death. John wrote the song SING AUSTRALIA for our Bicentennial in 1988.

Words and Music by John Denver

I come to Australia as many people do
To see the old koala, hitch a ride on a kangaroo
To hear somebody call me "Mate" and call somebody "Blue"
To hear an Aborigine play a didgeridoo
Some of you came as prisoners two centuries ago
Some of you come as kings and queens your blessing to bestow
Some of you stand all swelled with pride, some with shattered wings
But all of us come with open hearts to hear Australia sing
In the desert, in the city
In the mountains and in the sea
In the stories and in the people
I can hear Australia sing
Waltzing Matilda, the men of Gallipoli
Clancy of the Overflow and Crocodile Dundee
The myth of all creation, the teaching of Baiame
The legends of the Dreamtime for all eternity
And in this celebration, a brief two hundred years
The cost to build a nation in blood and sweat and tears
And if we stand divided, divided we shall fall
But if we stand together, we shall conquer all
In the desert, in the city
In the mountains and in the sea
In the stories and in the people
I can hear Australia sing
Sing Australia, Sing Australia, Sing Australia, Sing Australia
In the sails on Sydney Harbour
I can hear Australia sing

Copyright by Cherry Lane Music
From the album "Higher Ground"

John & Ray Martin in Aspen 1994

John in Sydney Australia during his 1982-1983 World Tour.
More taken during the Same tour.
More Of John in Sydney during the 82-83 Tour
John at Ayers Rock
NT.During filming in 1977 of John Denver In Australia

John & Michelle (aged 2 yrs)
Chris saying See Ya Uncle John in 1983. Me, Stephen & John 1983. John wanted to hold Stephen but.......
Stephen had messed his pants.EWWWWWWW
John & Rodney in 1986. John & Rodney again 1986
Departure 1986 ..........Arrival 1986

You guessed it John 1983
John Loved Australia and Australia loved John.Hope you are liking this so far I have heaps more coming . John is very special to me & my children. We love him dearly.See you all soon. Peace

Higher Ground Australia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the memory of the late John Denver.  Each October we meet in a different state of Australia to celebrate the life and music of John Denver, raising money to donate to eagle rehabilitation facilities within Australia in John’s memory.

HGA also promotes worthy activities relating to conservation and the environment.
To Join or just check out the website
CLICK on the Picture Above.