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No One Like You

I like your eyes
I like your nose
I like your mouth
Your ears,your hands,your toes
I like your face
It's really you
I like the things you say and do
There's not a single soul
Who sees the skies
The way you see them
Through your eyes
And aren't you glad
You should be glad
There's no one, no one
Exactly like you
Words By Andra Willis Muhoberac
Sung by John Denver

" Though the singer is silent, there still is the truth of the song"

    Hi, yes here comes more about John. Many of you are asking me to tell you how I met John. I am going to tell you now about our very first meeting which started off our 25 year friendship.
But I must state here & now that John meant the world to me.We had a very trusting friendship , I know many different kinds of people read these web sites.What I am getting to is PLEASE no one approach me to sell my story. As refusal offends many people.If any one does try I will REFUSE.
       I need to share about John as I am having trouble with him being gone. They say it gets easier but I am not sure about that. Maybe this is just away to try and make it abit easier. Please try and understand. I have made many new friends since John's death , I know he is looking down on us ALL. We are all one Family.
Well enough of me, heres how I met John the very First time.

  How I Met My Best Friend
            It all started October 6 1975; I was just a young shy girl. I heard John Denver was playing at the Hordern Pavilion  (which is at the Sydney Sports Ground). I always liked his music & what he stood for, so I thought I would see what he looked like in person. I listened to the whole concert from out side. After the show had ended I was just watching to get a glimpse of John. He came out about half an hour, after he had finished. The back door opened and out he walked everyone was asking for his autograph but  John did not like to sign autographs, he said it was to impersonal. I was just happy to see this wonderful person.
       I was standing about 8 ft. from the door John looks my way and said “ Hi, what’s your name?” I looked around to see whom he was talking to. He then said “ yes you with the blue Jeans & Red Tee shirt.” I looked down at what I was wearing and to my surprise he was talking to me. I went all shades of red. I said my name is Lynn. He said to me “ well come over here Lynn, I would like to meet you. As I walked over to John my legs were  shaking real bad. I thought I was going to pass out.
  John asked me how I like the show, I told him it sounded great. He was surprised and asked why I had not gone in. I told him the truth. That I did not get a ticket but said I was glad I heard him anyway.
He asked me if I would like to see his show?
I told John I would love to but all the tickets were sold out, and that I would see him next time he came to Australia. All of a sudden John called out Michael, Michael ! A voice responded I looked around there was this young guy of  European looks saying yes  John, can you please get my friend Lynn a ticket for tomorrow nights concert please.
Michael looked and said not a problem buddy. I looked with surprise at John and said that would be nice but I can not do that.
   John asked me why not? I told him it was not right not to pay for the ticket. He said to me in return are you a friend of mine. I said I do not know you but it would be great to be your friend. He said to me ok ,what's my name ? I replied with a smile John Denver & he said  ok what’s your last name ? I said Miller. John then said You know me I know you so now will you come?  I said with a smile ok. That was the start to a great friendship between John & me. I had my tape deck with me that night I always took it every where so I could listen to his music. John looked at it and said bring that tomorrow night if you like. I said to John I would love to bring it are you saying I can tape the concert , he said sure as long as no one else gets a copy it is for you alone. I promised John I would NEVER give it to anyone. He said that is good because if you do it would be the end of our friendship. I was so happy I was being allowed to take it.  I went to the concert it was great. I told John after the show had finished it was the best night of my life. He was so good he talked about his son Zachary.
 He said, "I have a little boy now his name is Zachary , he’s about 18 months old and he wonderful." I met Kris O’Conner, his manager , John Sommers, his lead guitarist, Michael Crowley. In fact I met most of his band. It was a very sad day for me when John had to leave to go home to Aspen, but his tour was finished so I asked him if I could go to the airport and say good bye. John said sure but he said never say goodbye it is to final. John gave me his flight details I made sure I was at the airport to say see ya. I cried when he was going, he told me not to cry and made me promise I would be there next time he arrived. I did promise and was there. And that is how I met John. We were friends ever since that day in October. He watched me grow up & have children. John helped me through many hard times in my life. But the best part was he was my friend, for many years and I miss him very much. I still have not said goodbye. And Never will.

This was not taken in 75 , you are lucky your even seeing this. I hate photo's. My hair is now longer. I was pregnant with my daughter Michelle here.
This photo was in 1983.

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