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  "Why Did You Leave Us,
Beautiful Singer Of Songs?"
Why did you leave us

beautiful singer of songs?

You were here for a short while,

and now, you are gone.


In the hearts of mankind,

your legacy will carry on.

John, even though you are gone,

we will not forget the wisdom,

of your songs.


The country road you walked in life,

is the road that we will follow,

it will surely,

lead us to you.


Spread your wings and fly, fly, fly away,

to the light of peace, and eternal love,

 to be with our wonderful Lord above.


John, you gave to the world so freely,

and never asked for anything.

Now it's our turn, to give back to you,

 what you did not ask for,

but deserved, in return.


When we want to see you,

or to just cherish you,

we will look at the sunset,

over the Rocky Mountains.

There, is where we will find you.


Though you are gone,

and you will never again,

to us, sing your songs,

here, with us,

is where you will always belong.

You painted beautiful pictures,

with your songs.


On the wings of a dove, you go to heaven,

to be just as you were,

a great hope, that God embraced,

and gave eternal love.


John, your legend will never die,

your spirit will forever, fly.


You will always, be there,

just over the mountain top,


and painting beautiful pictures,

with your songs.


From sea to shining sea,

people will see,

that you were the legend,

who will never die,

but will live,

forever in our hearts,

and there,

 in our hearts,

forever, will always be.


Over the mountain top,

flying high,

with the wind in your hair,

that's where your sweet essence,

will be.

Just waiting,

 for someone to find you,

to love you,

so they too,

can fly, with you.


When you left us,

 time stopped, and just stood still.

The legend,

the man we loved so dearly,

who didn't want to leave us,

but did, even still.



We will forever miss you,

great singer of songs,

you painted beautiful pictures,

with your songs.

Please tell me this,

Why did you leave us,

beautiful singer of songs?


Though you were here,

for a short while,

and now you are gone,

your legend,

your legacy,

will never die,

live on.

Copyrighted 1997 Peggy Brashier

All Rights Reserved

Used By Permission

Peggy sent me this Poem she wrote for John. I think it is very beautiful. That is why I put it on my page. It is her Tribute to John. Below is a link to Peggy's page.
I will try & update as soon as possiable.
Peace to you all.