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Deborah Barton's Memories Of Aspen


  Julia , Uncle Abe, Erma,& Ron

Group  in front of the Muppets
The Valle from a mountain

A beautiful view near Aspen
The Valley from a mountain

 Tour guide told Deborah this is Johns
(Maybe the Original)
View near John's House

Another view from a mountain

Zachary in Aspen

    These are all on my web page thanks to Deborah. She wanted to Share about her time in Aspen. I am asking please that no one Copies any of these photos without first asking Deborah . She has some great stories about Aspen, and I have let her know if she wants I will post her stories with her photos. Below is a photo of Deborah. She is a great lady.

Deborah enjoying herself in Aspen

My memories of the October weekend are a blur!! It was one wonderful event after another!  Everything blends into the other!  It started Friday during the day when Jan, Jane from NH and Karolin and I went
toWoody Creek Tavern for lunch.  Then we took a drive through the area and little did we know, we were driving past the ranches of Don Johnson and several other famous people!  We drove past Annie's house and saw the kangaroo sign  that John had given her.   We found out who's ranches we saw the following Tuesday when we took a jeep tour!
On Friday night about 20 of us gathered for dinner at the Cantina.  We sort of overtook the place!  It was a chance to meet and get  to know some of these email addresses we've been corresponding   with!!!!  Real people at the other end, honest!  From there some of us went to the Red Onion to continue the celebration!

On Saturday many fans met at the Gondola and we had a photo shoot with the famous Muppet canvas and Mrs. Muppet herself!   Some of John's friends were there too.  It was another way to meet and talk with each other.

 I had a ticket for the concert at the Wheeler Opera House Saturday
night and was just awed by the talent and the presentation of the concert!  Molly Weaver sang "The Eagle and the Hawk" and it just about took the roof off the opera house!  John Sommers fiddled and played the banjo and got us all clapping and singing!  I was lucky enough to go to the concert again on Sunday night. I went to the VIP party after and got to talk to the entertainers. Got some photos too.  Bill Danoff was very friendly and chatty as were John Sommers and some of the others.  I had a lovely chat with Ellen Stapenhorst.

The service in Snowmass on Sunday and the dedication of the garden was beautiful.  Karen had her Earthbeat choir sing and Ellen Stapenhorst
also sang.

The Jerome event on Monday was nicely done.  Erma and other family members attended most of the events.  They were gracious and patient with all the fans who wanted to talk to them and take their pictures.  Ron seemed surprised people want to take pictures of him!  Ellen Stapenhorst sang for us and there were many others.

I attended HIH dinner and concert with Chris Westfall.  He sings John's songs quite well.  There was a candlelight vigil for  John at 6:20 Colorado time.

There were two dinners at the Tower that I also attended.  John used to own part of that restaurant in Snowmass.  His
photography lined the walls throughout the restaurant.  The dinners were another way to meet people and talk.  It seemed most important to me to make human connections with people I only knew in cyberspace.  I made friends and can  now visualize a person's face when I email them.

All the events seemed to run smoothly and were very well planned,thanks to our organizers.
Many Blessings,

 ©1998-2004 by Deborah Barton